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oh I am young but I have aged

It had been a profoundly interesting party, thought Coin. Not all of it in a good way, but more than enough. And, as it had turned out, he was eleven.

His own age had never really concerned him that much before, but then he'd never lived in a working community full of people who were growing up, where what you'd grown into mattered more than the power you'd been born with. Never lived in any kind of community, if it came to that...

The point was that he had a couple of numbers attached to him now that were important in a way he couldn't really define, and his wandering had brought him to the home of someone he knew could explain things so they made sense to him. So he knocked.
[Dated to late night May 3/early May 4. Warning for potentially triggering SI content.]

watch them fade to nothing when the world endsCollapse )
[From this thread, dated to May 3.]

It was not often that Coin formed strong intent on his own behalf, but once he did it was very hard to budge him. And the whole subject of wizards marrying was one on which he already had strong feelings, of course.

So he tugged on Cora's sleeve and started walking toward Lucy's place. It was time they cleared this up. "Other people can be brilliant and brave," he declared. "Especially Lucy."

words of good cheer

The bag was heavy, but Coin had refused any help with carrying it. If he was going to give out presents, then he was going to do it. Himself.

Not that this wasn't one of those times when he wouldn't have minded a little magic. He wasn't sure about dragging it like this. But at least he was most of the way there.
Coin had been thinking, lately. This would be his first Hogswatch among ordinary people, and his first Christmas ever, so he should probably do something for it. Unfortunately, he didn't really know how to do much of anything, so he would have to find someone who could.

It had been a very good idea to make a list of people who could do things. It was so much easier that way. The only problem was finding the people on it, but someone had helpfully made a map, so that was all right.

He hadn't quite expected the house to be on sticks, which was probably a lot trickier than just building it on the ground like normal, but he shrugged and went up to the door and knocked.